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“Beach Yoga” by Adrienne Hite

“2020 has been great,” said no one…ever.  As we move into 2021, the inclination to reflect back on 2020 naturally presents itself.  However, this year has been one for the books, thus the reflection might be met with somewhat of a bittersweet point of view. I know for myself, my first instinct is to think about all the things I miss.  Simple things, smiling at someone on the sidewalk, going to see a movie, shaking a stranger’s hand; I caught myself though. While there are many many things I miss, I would rather reflect on what 2020 has offered, not what it has taken away…the whole glass half full approach.   

This past year offered me solitude in a way that I have never had.  It offered me lessons and challenges which cultivated room for growth.  It offered me time for goals to be reached and new ones to be made.  It offered me different perspective shifts.  It offered me the opportunity to make certain decisions that otherwise would not have been available had 2020 not been the year from you know where.  It offered me a sense of empowerment. 

These last few weeks of 2020, I have found myself drawn to Garudasana, Eagle Pose in my classes.  This is a pose that symbolizes focus, steady intention, discipline, all with the preparation of taking flight. As we move into 2021 as individuals, as neighbors, and as a community, I encourage you to think of 2020 as a launching pad.  It served as a way to set the focus, highlighting what is truly important and what matters.  2020 was our Garudasana. We made it, and now we are ready to take flight. 

-Adrienne Hope Hite

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