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“The In-Betweens” by Natalie Pulvino

Something I’ve been contemplating lately is our tendency to skip over celebration. Many of us are future-oriented individuals, and we spend a lot of energy calling things into our life – whether that be a person, relationship, promotion at work, an opportunity, a vacation, anything.

We look to the future and focus on what we are trying to cultivate in our life, which is important and beautiful, but what happens when that thing eventually comes? Do we stop to fully revel in its glory, to fully appreciate the journey we went on to get there, all that had to happen to be where we are now?

Oftentimes I notice my own tendency to acknowledge the accomplishment but then move right on forward, on to the next thing. There’s a subtle line between creating momentum and ignoring present reality. Present reality is a gift, and it’s good to want more out of life and to seek more growth and experiences, because that’s what makes us more dynamic human beings, capable of creating radical change and bettering our world. But it doesn’t work if we don’t stop to smell the rose we’ve just grown.

I think our yoga practice is a beautiful reminder of this – this practice of reveling in the transitional moments. The in-betweens. We can spend the entirety of a certain pose thinking about when we’ll get to the next, only to feel the same way once we arrive there. But it’s those transitions, those moments in between poses, in between big life events or opportunities or relationships, that we can pause and revel in the magic we’ve just created. Those moments are where the true growth occurs. Because without that piece, we wouldn’t be getting on to the next at all.

This practice is about knowing and trusting that where we currently are is already enough. That even if it’s challenging, the release will soon come. That more is on the way – more growth, more experiences, more knowledge, more money, more love, it’s all coming to us. But it will feel so much more special if we can appreciate the transitions, and truly honor these small steps, each moment, each pose, that compound to create our lives.

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