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One-On-One Nutritional Counseling

Our Personalized Process

  • For the busy professional, working 70+ hours per week, need to understand how to manage to eat on the road
  • For the stay-at-home mom who struggles with mindlessly eating on-the-go and constantly putting her family’s needs before her own
  • For the college student that just put on his or her freshman 15, and for a huge range and variety of other lifestyles, ages, nutrition-related issues, and goals…

How it Works

An initial session will include a thorough assessment of your overall health, weight history, social history, medical history, lifestyle, nutrient requirements, and current relationship with food.

Whether you choose to come to meet for just a few visits or request more extensive follow-up, you will be empowered with the knowledge and confidence to make life-altering changes in your eating habits, meet your health goals and prevent and/or treat chronic diseases!

  • Initial Session: 90 minutes………. $125
  • Follow Up: 30 minutes……………. $60

Areas of Expertise:

  • Diabetes -Digestive Health -Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Management -Sports Performance -General Wellness

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