Sound Medicine & Binaural Beat by Christiana Kyratzouli

Nowadays, there are various approaches to holistic therapies and they are all welcome with great potential! One of the most effective ones to release stagnant energy, reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks as well as relax and balance your mind-body-spirit is Sound Medicine. Even though it might seem to some as a modern method, in reality, it has its roots in ancient practices from all around the world. Over the centuries, music -and sound in general- has been proven a pretty effective healing modality to many cultures and civilizations throughout history from the ancient Mesopotamian region to Egypt, Greece, Africa, Asia, and all over America.

During the more recent decades, we have had the privilege to use even more advanced science to understand and explain the effect of high natural vibrations on our nervous system, organs, hormonal levels, blood pressure, and various functions of our bodies and not only. Natural healing vibrations have the ability to take us on a deep sound journey and faster meditative states since music has the ability to reach even the most hidden spots of our beings on a cellular level, promote the flow of energy and create a light “flowy” sense that has often been described as a “brain massage”.

In an attempt to offer a deep and yet short explanation of the origins and tremendous benefits of sound healing, it would be important to underlying the concept of the binaural beat. Acoustic music is definitely more natural and certainly different than modern music using technology to regenerate natural frequencies. Binaural beats are sounds that when they enter both ears, entrain the brain into altered states, and crystal singing bowls -like the ones used in our Sound Baths- have an advantage, when two or more bowls are singing at once, the process of entrainment can occur naturally. Thus, it enhances the process of deep relaxation by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, which results in entrain the brain into the Theta Brainwave state, entering the state of REM sleep or deep rest, tap into the subconscious mind to access absolute calm. 

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