Wellness & Waves

We love incorporating the ocean, sand and sun into our classes.
Classes are for all levels of experience.

Saturday & Sundays
Signature Beach Flow

Start your day with an uplifting early-morning yoga class on the beach. Join an experienced instructor and fellow fitness enthusiasts on the beach for an energizing yoga session that's suitable for all ability levels.

Monday - Sunday
Beach Flow

Practice yoga on the beach with the ocean as your soundtrack and the beautiful views as a backdrop. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated as you stretch your muscles and breathe the fresh air.

Sunday & Wednesday
Sunset Beach Flow

When the sun is setting, there is a magical feeling in the air, that of the light changing and another small cycle closing. This is the perfect time to practice and remind yourself of letting go, surrender, and trustfulness in your life journey.

Sunday, 10:30 am PST
Beach Power Flow 2/3

This vigorous power flow practice uses movement and breath together to produce a “flow” of postures that lead naturally from one to the next. You will move at a pace designed to build internal heat, engage and build core strength while focusing on alignment and breath.

Thursday - Saturday
Beach Flow Sound Bath

We will begin with gentle yoga poses to help guide your body into a deeply relaxed state. This will be followed by a sound bath incorporating Crystal Singing Bowls with vocal toning by Zoe.

Tuesday, 6:30 pm PST
Yoga Nidra on the Beach

While resting savasana or a comfortable seated position, this unique guided mediation will help to quiet the overactive mind and unwind the nervous system as we journey through the physical, energy, mind/emotional, wisdom, and bliss bodies (known as the koshas).

Thursday & Saturday
Sunset Sound Bath

Experience the waves of the ocean accompanied by the healing sounds of crystals bowls, conducted by the wonderful Zoe! Bring yourself, crystals, healing oils to enhance your healing experience!

Sunset Shavasana

The practice of Moving Meditation is done in place and relates more toward internal energy and health. All movements are performed slowly with an emphasis on deep breathing techniques.

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